The Cherryvale residence was originally constructed in 1924 as a small Craftsman bungalow.  Sandstone was quarried from nearby Boulder Creek and assembled by hand into 12” thick, solid stone exterior walls.  Cedar joists, literally dug into the earth, supported the original floor.  In the 1970’s, a passive solar, sunken living room with floor to ceiling glass was added to the south side of the house, capturing the original stone walls inside.  Later a small second floor bedroom suite was added and at some point in time the interior floor plan had evolved into a dysfunctional maze.  The master bedroom sat directly in the center of the house, without a window opening directly to the outside.  The kitchen was small and dark and had a difficult relationship with the rest of the house.  The owner was planning on an interior remodel when the flood of 2013 hit.  The water flowed in through the sunken living room and under the existing stone house.  Without a true crawl space, there was no way to drain the water.  This led to an almost full gut of the interior walls, floor, and ceiling on the first floor.  


ASONE was hired for the renovation design.  Principal Architect Paul Hunnicutt laid out a new floor plan which moved the master bedroom to the northeast corner of the house and placed the kitchen in the center of the house, directly next to the dining and living rooms.  Not only did this create a new light and air filled master bedroom suite, but it restored an intelligent flow of circulation and sense of order to the relationship between spaces.


A new set of modern and original materials define the new interior.  Richly textured, wide plank wood flooring was laid down over a new poured-in-place, insulated concrete slab.  Underneath the slab is a new drainage layer with sump pump to alleviate future flooding impacts.  A floating stair to the second floor crafted out of smooth, mill finish steel and wood treads cut from walnut trees harvested on site, replaced the 1970’s spiral stair in the living room.  The existing stone wall, which is exposed in the living room and foyer, was cleaned and restored to its natural appearance.  A new, modern gas fireplace with floating steel hearth warms and illuminates the living room.  Completely new appliances and cabinets create a highly functional and spacious kitchen.  A palette of mid-century modern and 21st century furniture, along with objects collected from the owners world travels complete the scene.  The renovation contrasts new and old, light and heavy, smooth and textured, local and foreign, adding new layers to the almost century old history of this compelling Boulder residence.  






Interior remodel of entire existing first floor including:  living, dining, kitchen, foyer, mechanical, storage, master bedroom suite.  New stair to second floor and fireplace added to living room.  Structural reinforcement of existing roof and new mechanical systems.  New concrete slab on grade and new wood flooring throughout house.





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